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When I first heard that Disney were making a Toy Story 4 I had the same reaction I’m sure a lot of people my age did, “What? Why?! They don’t need a fourth! The third one wrapped everything up so perfectly!

I still remember seeing Toy Story in the cinema in 1995 (surely not! The 1900s??) I’ve always been quite precious about the franchise which has, so far, not disappointed. After seeing the film today I’m still not convinced they needed to make a fourth one. However, I am VERY glad they did! (What did I know, eh?)

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Woody and Bo

For the hardcore, OG Toy Story fans, like myself, there are plenty of nice little bits of nostalgia sprinkled in.

The movie opens on a scene set nine years ago, where we get to see our lovable ‘kid’ Andy as a young boy again playing with his toys, we finally find out how Bo Peep was separated from the gang in a very touching scene. Cut to ‘present day’ with our hero Woody who appears to be having a bit of an identity crisis, what with his demotion from ‘leader of the gang’ and ‘favourite’ to ‘closet toy’ and his constant reminiscing of the good old days with Andy.

Now new adventure begins for him when Bonnie ‘makes’ a new friend at kindergarten (he may even bump into some old friends along the way) There are also lots of fun new moments and characters which keeps the film fresh and interesting for a younger audience.


These characters include ‘Duke Caboom’ a Canadian ‘Evel Knievel’ type who has become sadly disillusioned due to his inability to jump as far as the commercial promises, voiced by Keanu Reeves (The second nicest man in Hollywood after Tom Hanks) ‘Bunny and Ducky’ voiced by the hilarious Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, the slightly creepy Gabby Gabby voiced by Christina Hendricks and of course the newest edition to Bonnie’s toys ‘Forky’ voiced by Tony Hale who is probably best known for playing ‘Buster Bluth’  in Arrested Development.

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Woody, Buzz and new friends

‘Forky’ is a particularly interesting edition to the gang and I feel like he will serve as a great role model for any child who perhaps feels different or that they don’t quite fit in (If a spork with googly eyes and pipe cleaners for arms can make it in this world, there’s hope for us all!)

The film takes quite a few interesting twists and turns (I’ve always loved how Pixar plays on the unexpected) and is actually quite scary in some parts, as most of the best Disney films are (The ventriloquist dummy henchmen are particularly terrifying!) but I still think kids and grown ups alike will love it.

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Would I put it at the top of the list? Honestly, probably not, however it still has the heart and soul of a classic Toy Story film and I thoroughly enjoyed getting a chance to revisit this world one more time (Until the next one anyway!)

A mini Foker On Film Four out of five stars

In Cinemas June 21

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