Top 10 Things to do this Christmas 2019 in Dartford

Top 10 Things to do this Christmas 2019 in Dartford

1. Bluewater Santa’s Grotto: From 14th November- 24th December

Another year, another Grotto at Bluewater, and each year it just gets more magical than the last. This year the Grotto theme is the timeless festive story of The Nutcracker and the Realms. 

Children will be greeted by a Toy Soldier Guard, Then led through the beautiful Realm of flowers by a delightful snowy Owl, followed by the amazing Realm of sweets where children will meet Clara herself! The Children can Decide whether they want to be a Nutcracker or a Sugar Plum Fairy, and create a festive craft to take home, before the first photo opportunity in the Realm of Snowflakes, with Sugarplum fairies, and a Giant Nutcracker. And Finally- the moment every child has been waiting for, the room with Father Christmas Himself will be next in this spectacular Grotto. 

Every child will receive a plush toy from Father Christmas and will have a professional photo taken with the man in red! The professional photo will be available for adults for purchase with the assistance of the sugarplum fairies as they bid you farewell.

Grotto prices
Adults – Free (up to two per transaction)
Add. Adults – £5.00
Children (off-peak) – £10.50
Children (peak) – £12.50
Children (prime) – £14.50

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