The number of same day appointments at GP surgeries in Dartford

Figures from the NHS has revealed the number of patients at surgeries in Dartford able to make a same day appointment in July 2023.

Statistics published by NHS Digital contain information on appointment times, how the appointment was booked, and the type of appointment booked by patients.

Data revealed that a total of 14,421 same day appointments were made across all GP surgeries in Dartford for the month of July.

The GP surgery with the highest number of recorded same day appointments made was Temple Hill Surgery with 3,640 same day appointments.

The GP surgery with the lowest number was Lowfield Medical Centre with 785 same day appointments.

We’ve rounded up a full list of the number of patients at GP surgeries in Dartford able to make a same day appointment:

  • Temple Hill Surgery had 3,640 same day appointments.
  • Swanscombe Health Centre had 2,561 same day appointments.
  • Dartford West Health Centre had 2,218 same day appointments.
  • Dartford East Health Centre had 1,686 same day appointments.
  • The Wellcome Practice had 1,388 same day appointments.
  • Horsman’s Place Surgery had 1,097 same day appointments.
  • Pilgrims Way Surgery had 1,046 same day appointments.
  • Lowfield Medical Centre had 785 same day appointments.

A spokesperson for NHS Kent and Medway said: “Data on same-day appointments is a crude measurement and does not take into account the number of patients at a practice, their health needs or the quality of care. 

“Patients are offered appointments based on their clinical need, with more urgent cases seen sooner, and these are made with the most appropriate clinician, for example a nurse, GP or physiotherapist.

“There continues to be huge demand on the NHS and we are working hard to make sure we provide the best care for all patients.”

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