Police shut down illegal rave at Darenth Country Park

Police broke up a group partiers in Darenth Country Park on Saturday night, seizing music equipment and dispersing crowds.

A subsequent dispersal order was then put in place from around 8pm to prevent people returning to the area, with officers remaining on the scene.

Kent Police said they arrived at the park around 8pm on August 22 after “establishing an illegal gathering was due to be held.”

They dispersed a group of around 20 people, and seized sound equipment which was set up and ready to use for an unlicensed music event as people arrived.

Assistant Chief Constable Nicola Faulconbridge said: “This is a good example how prompt action by officers and the implementation of a dispersal order have prevented a situation from escalating.

“Kent is no place for unlicensed music events, in addition to the noise and litter they create, the public health risk and lack of social distancing remains a concern.

“I would ask those thinking of holding or attending such events to think carefully about the health risks associated with these gatherings.”

She added that “if people ignore our requests and continue to hold events with a blatant disregard for the health and wellbeing of others, they will have action taken against them and risk being arrested and having their equipment seized.”

Members of the public are encouraged to look out for any suspicious activity that may indicate the presence of an unlicensed music event and report it to Kent Police by calling 101 or visiting www.kent.police.uk/report

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