Lorry driver caught playing Solitaire at Dartford Crossing

A lorry driver has been fined after police caught him playing a game of Solitaire whilst driving on the Dartford Crossing.

Kent Police remarkably caught the driver with his eye not on the road and instead on his laptop on Wednesday, October 15.

No-to-shockingly, he was was reported and issued an on the spot fine for the foolish offence.

Kent Police tweeted out, saying one of its marked police bikes had pulled over a HGV lorry at the Dartford River Crossing after “the driver was seen playing a game of solitaire on his laptop.”

Solitaire, also known as patience, is a one-player card and online game; simple fun but definitely not appropriate for lorry drivers.

Officers said the driver was reported for driving offences, and an on the spot fine was issued.

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