Lewis Capaldi kicked off Tinder because people thought he was a catfish

Scottish pop star, Lewis Capaldi was thrown off the popular dating app, Tinder after site operators thought he was a catfish.

The musician, who recently announced a new album and a much anticipated European tour, had his profile pulled because it was believed to be fake.

The chart-topping sensation, who recently returned to recorded music with his new hit single Forget Me, acknowledged the situation in his usual humourous light.

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The singer from West Lothian joked that there would be ‘better’ celebrities to catfish people as, adding that his Tinder profile doesn’t “get many bites.”

In a G2 interview with the Guardian Lewis said: “Yeah, they thought I was catfishing. If I was going to catfish any celebrity, it wouldn’t be me. You can’t get many bites on a Lewis Capaldi Tinder account, and I know that, because I own one.”

Lewis Capaldi on dating

Lewis noted that when it comes to dating, his position in pop culture causes issues, saying: “you have to worry about this sort of power imbalance. I have to assume that most girls my age, in the UK or Scotland at least, have a passing familiarity with who I am, even if they’re not into me, so that makes things weird.

“It’s an odd dynamic, where they’ll at least have an idea of what I’m like, but I know nothing about them.

“On the other hand, we’ve seen so many men take advantage of their positions of power and their positions of influence. I don’t want to take advantage of my position in that way. I’m happier being used than using someone, do you know what I mean?”

Lewis Capaldi’s new album and European tour dates

Last week, Lewis Capaldi announced a double whammy of a new album and continental tour across dozens of countries.

The new album, named Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent will be the singer’s second studio album.

Capaldi also announced a set of European dates in cities like Glasgow, London, Berlin, and Madrid.

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