Gravesend: Jailed robber stabbed man for his mobile phone

A man who befriended a man in his 40s by offering him work, then stabbed him and stole his belongings, has been jailed for four years.

Habibullah Faqeerz of Harmer Street, Gravesend, was charged with robbery and sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court after a three day trial saw a jury find him guilty.

The lead investigating police officer on the case described Faqeerz’s “willingness to use serious violence to attempt to steal an item of relatively low value shows him to be little more than a callous thief,” and described him as a “clear and obvious threat to public safety.”

Kent Police said the incident took place in Clarence Place, Gravesend, on June 9, 2020.

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Officers attended the scene after hearing someone shout for help at 3:15pm, and found a man in his 40s with a small stab wound just below his armpit.

A mobile phone, which belonged to Faqeerz was also found nearby.

The victim told officers he had befriended Faqeerz the previous day at Dartford Train Station and that he promised the victim work.

When they met, the victim was initially asked for cigarette however the pair then engaged in a conversation about employment on a train ride to Gravesend.

As a result of the conversation, the victim agreed to meet Faqeerz at Gravesend Train Station the following afternoon with some money and identity documents.

Upon meeting for the second time, Faqeerz walked the victim behind a building in Clarence Place before suddenly grabbing him. During a struggle that then took place, the victim was stabbed under the armpit and robbed of his mobile phone.

Investigators were able to gather CCTV that captured Faqeerz meeting the victim and, following work to identify him, he was detained five days later.

The victim subsequently identified him from an identity parade and he has been held on remand since.

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Detective Constable Rebecca Veares said: “Faqeerz is a clear and obvious threat to public safety and I am pleased that he is behind bars and justice has been secured for the victim.

“Faqeerz’s willingness to use serious violence to attempt to steal an item of relatively low value shows him to be little more than a callous thief with little regard for anyone else’s wellbeing.

“There can be no tolerance for such offending and we will always pursue every reasonable line of enquiry to ensure offenders like Faqeerz are removed from the streets.”

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