Gravesend flytipper fined after leaving behind evidence

A flytipper has been caught and fined after items they had dumped in the street led council officers straight to their door.

A pile of waste and debris was found dumbed ‘on someone’s doorstep’ in Brewhouse Yard, Gravesend, just off Queen Street, with the fly tippers leaving bags of litter, old chairs and a sofa.

Gravesend Council were called to remove the rubbish, but amongst the pile workers found clear evidence of the flytipper’s identity.

News Shopper:

The council said: “Somebody thought they could save money by dumping their rubbish on someone else’s doorstep in Gravesend. They were wrong.”

“We found items that led us straight to their door where they were handed a Fixed Penalty Notice.”

Pictures showed the amount of waste of dumped on the Gravesend street. Any householder who is found flytipping can face penalties of up to £400.

In separate tweet, Gravesham Council responded to another flytipping offence, this time outside of a Gravesend primary school.

Tymberwood Academy said they were “so disappointed” after streets adjacent to the school had been hit by flytippers again, and reported the incident to the council.

News Shopper:

The school said in a statement: “We are so disappointed that the pathways adjacent to our school have been fly tipped yet again.

“We have logged this with @graveshambc and we ask that others do too. We will not accept anything but the best for our children in school and out of school as well.”

The council responded: “Thank you to @tymberwood for reporting this fly tip.

“We found some very helpful evidence while clearing it and will be knocking on someone’s door very soon.”

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