Four people arrested and missing person found in Dartford

Police have arrested four more people in a police operation at Dartford Station, and even returned a missing person to their home.

‘Operation Avara’ saw four people taken into custody and one returned home on Wednesday night, August 19, after police targeted Dartford station.

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A new policing unit set up just last week led the operation targeting illegal activity on the transport network, and were joined by the Met Police Welling, the British Transport Police’s Ops Support Unit and Southeastern Railway.

The Proactive Metro Team took four people into custody, arresting people for a number offences, including possession of a knife, and drugs.

BTP London also said that a missing person was recognised and returned home.

Op Avara has been a regular occurrence across south east London train stations over the past year, all targeting criminal activity on the transport network using officers, police dogs and metal detecting gates.

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Last week, three men were arrested at Dartford Station after police caught them in possession of drugs and knives.

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