Do It Yourself Wedding Planning (Part19) : When Traditions Collide.

Do It Yourself Wedding Planning (Part19) : When Traditions Collide.

When Traditions Collide.

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One of the most difficult situations when planning a wedding involves cases where the bride’s family and the groom’s family have different religious or cultural traditions associated with weddings. These situations become difficult because both sides of the family may expect their traditions to be followed and feelings can become easily hurt if the couple makes decisions which leave out certain traditions. These situations can also cause problems between the bride to be and the groom to be if they side with their own family in these disputes instead of working with their fiancé to compromise. This article will discuss a few strategies for dealing with these difficult situations involving religious and cultural traditions.


Without a doubt the best strategy for dealing with cultural and religious differences is to keep and open mind and be willing to compromise. This is very important because both sides of the family will want to feel as though they are being included in the wedding. However, if the plans are made to include one religion or culture while the other is ignored there are bound to be hurt feelings. Often when there are religious differences involved the religious leaders can play a significant role in facilitating a compromise which will make both sides happy.


Most religious leaders have dealt with these types of situations in the past and they may have a number of good ideas about how a ceremony can be structured to include both religions. Family elders can play the same type of role in situations where the differences between the families are cultural. Having a representative from each family work with the couple to plan the wedding will most likely result in a fair compromise for the wedding plans.

There will be some times when a couple is forced to make some very difficult decisions during the course of planning their wedding. In particular if the religion of one member of the couple has strict and specific rules about wedding ceremonies. In these cases the couples will have to decide whether or not they are willing to follow these rules. For example some religions may not allow non-members to witness the wedding. This would mean if the couple is married in a ceremony within a particular church only one side of the family would be able to attend. The couple will have to decide if this is acceptable to them or not. They may feel very strongly about being married in this church and be willing to make this sacrifice or they may feel as though excluding one side of the family is not acceptable.

Finally, when couples are dealing with significant differences in religion and culture they may consider having two different wedding ceremonies and receptions. This may sound excessive but if there is very little chance that the two families will be able to compromise and behave civilly, it is worthwhile to take this step. This way each side of the family will get exactly what they want.

The bride to be and groom to be will also feel as though they do not have to make decisions which might upset friends or family members. It may be more work to plan two wedding ceremonies and receptions but in the long run it will save the couple a great deal of stress.


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