Bruce Springsteen fans slams Ticketmaster for ‘Horrific’ ticket process

Fans of musician Bruce Springsteen have shared their anger as they slam Ticketmaster for the ‘horrific’ ticket process. 

It comes after fans say that tickets for the ‘Dancing in the Dark’ UK tour sold out immediately across his four UK tour dates. 

One fan took to Twitter to show their anger towards the situation saying: “It really is a horrific process. Even in UK, all the decent tickets have been snapped up in presales, making it pretty much impossible for local fans to get good tix.”

Others say they tried to grab tickets to the singer’s exclusive tour but were sad to see them sold out and expect to see them on ticket retailer Stub Hub for £400. 

A fellow hopeful fan agrees in a reply to Ticketmaster saying: “Snapped up by 0905…. already on resale sites. Get your act together”.

Bruce Springsteen Ticket Prices UK Tour: 

However, it seems fans were not only off-put by the ticket process of the award winners’ shows. 

Many shared their disappointment at the prices of the tickets as general admission came to £101.15 each whilst children aged 2-9 and guardian costs £90.45 each. 

As one fan who hoped to see the star  said: “Gutted to have missed the chance to get @springsteen tickets for Glasgow but disappointed at the price given the cost of living crisis – no more for the common man sadly with the same tickets costing over £100 more than they did when I saw him 10 years ago!”

Adding that they “refuse to pay over £100 a ticket for the back of a stadium.

Now fans are calling for more UK shows suggesting that Londons Hyde Park is “probably one of the worst venues in the UK.”

Springsteen is visiting just three UK cities, with two dates in London as well as gigs in Edinburgh and Birmingham.

In response to fans’ anger with the process, Ticketmaster shared a tweet saying that “We unfortunately don’t have any control over what can be listed on a website that isn’t ours but tickets advertised on unofficial or secondary sites cannot be confirmed as valid.”

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