Bromley woman arrested after Swanscombe Cemetery vandalised

A woman from Bromley has been arrested by police after a number of graves were destroyed and vandalised at a cemetery in Swanscombe.

Police say they were called to Swanscombe Cemetery Chapel on Eglinton Road yesterday, July 23, after reports of damage.

Swanscombe councillor Emma Ben Moussa revealed on social media that a considerable amount of vandalism had been done in what was “an extremely upsetting day” for residents.

She said she was “sorry to have to tell people that a woman has been down to the cemetery and vandalised many graves. This will hurt so many of you with loved ones there.”

Around 15 graves were targeted, with ornaments left scattered across the site and flowers pulled from graves.

Dartford Borough Council staff and police have attended the site, and residents have also started help tidy the site, and anything not claimed by the weekend will be looked after by the council.

A female suspect has been identified and the 46-year-old has been arrested by Kent Police officers on suspicion of criminal damage.

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