Amazon: £200m ‘Mega Box’ warehouse coming to Dartford

Amazon have confirmed plans for a £200 million ‘Mega Box’ warehouse to open in Dartford later this year.

The plans will see a vast, four-storey warehouse built on a 45-acre plot of land on the site of the decommissioned Littlebrook Power Station after planning permission was granted last year.

Behind the build are Titrax Big Box and giants Amazon, who say it is “early days” but are excited for the expansion to help them serve local customer demand.

The development will see a 2.3 million sq ft logistics building built on the site of the former Littlebrook power station, and has the potential to become “a critical ‘last journey’ location inside the M25.’

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Costing around £205 million, the developer had committed to achieving a net-zero carbon warehouse which will be powered by the largest solar photovoltaic scheme of any new development in the UK, with 3.5MW capacity.

The giant warehouse will be built adjacent to the QE2 Bridge, Dartford Tunnel and on the south bank of the River Thames, with construction reportedly currently underway.

Titrax Big Box say the location will mean it’s project, a “rare asset so close to the heart of London,” will benefit from “exceptional transport connectivity via motorway, rail and water, excellent infrastructure, significant power provision and a robust labour market.”

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An Amazon spokesperson said: “We are pleased to confirm a new building in Dartford that will help us continue to serve customer demand in the local area and across the UK.

“Although still in the early days, we are progressing well with the project and expect to launch our building later this year.”

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