Adopting a dog (Part13) Bringing Your New Dog Home!

Adopting a dog “The secret to a successful Adoption” Part 13

Bringing Your New Dog Home!

You now know all you need to know to make adopting a dog a success. You have found the dog you want, and are anxious to bring him home. This is surely one of the most exciting days in your life! However, every grand event is not without some degree of apprehension. You may be wondering if you are ready for this responsibility. You may be worrying that your family is not prepared. You don’t want these kinds of worries and concerns to spoil your dog’s homecoming, or get in the way of your first hours and days together. After all, you have been looking forward to this day ever since you first started thinking about adopting a new dog.

The good news is you can leave your worries behind. You are prepared and ready for the new member of your household. All you need to do is make a few spot-checks, and you will be glad of your decision to adopt.


If you are the dog’s sole owner, preparing some special time just for him will benefit you both. It is a good idea to bring your dog home on a weekend or during a vacation, when work and other obligations will not distract from time with your new pet. The more one- on-one time you can devote to him during his first days at home, the better it will be for him. When it is clear to your new dog that you are glad you chose him, it will benefit you both from the very start.

A calm, quiet atmosphere is best for greeting a new dog, and helping him to feel safe and comfortable. Loud or consistent noises, a flurry of activity, and other distractions should be avoided as much as possible. He will know that he is moving into a peaceful, good environment.

Whether your new dog will have access to your entire home or not, taking him to his own personal area as soon as possible is a good start. He needs to become familiar with, and acquainted with, his food and water dishes, his toys, and his bed. When he immediately learns where his special possessions are located, this is the first step in making him feel at home.


If there are other members of your household, acquainting them with your new dog can be an exhilarating experience for everyone concerned. It is generally best to introduce your pet to people one at a time. This will help him to not feel overwhelmed, as well as giving him the chance to get to know each individual person. He will soon begin to accept everyone as his new family.

Children in your household must be instructed on how to make your dog’s first days at home stress-free, comfortable, and fun. It may not be a good idea to leave small children alone with the dog until they are familiar with each other. Instead, you can supervise and observe how they interact.

Children of all ages need to be reminded to not be rambunctious or make loud noises around the new dog. Even if the dog is to become their playmate, they should be gentle,

careful, and quiet during his first days at home. This will help to prevent him from being afraid of the children, and set the foundation for a good relationship between the children and your dog.


A quick spot-check to be sure you have all of his supplies on hand and ready for him will ensure that you did not forget anything. Similar to being ready for a new human member of the family, when you know you are completely prepared for his arrival it can be the spectacular event you have been waiting for. You, and every member of your family, can go from worry-free anticipation to having a happy, comfortable new addition to your household.

Whether you have put a couple of weeks or many months into everything it takes for a successful adoption, the day you bring him home will only reinforce your decision to adopt a new dog. Once he enters your home, and realizes that it is now his home, you have a friend and companion to cherish for the rest of his life.

 Adopting a dog “The secret to a successful Adoption” Part14 and the End (Enjoying your new dog and my childhood own experience of dogs) will be on what’s on in Dartford Tomorrow.

Melissa Ground.


Credit photo: Talal Hakim

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